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Nordstrom Try On Haul

Hey everyone! I have finally done a try on haul for all my favorite readers. I love when bloggers do these and I can really see what they liked and videos of them in the dressing room. A lot of them do these try on hauls on their Insta stories then have a recap of everything they shared in a blog post. But, I’m doing this one a little different. Would yall rather see them in Insta stories? Anyway, I…

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2017 Favorite Purchases

I am seeing all of these “Favorite 2017 Purchases” posts by other bloggers sharing what their most popular items and favorite items were from last year so I wanted to share mine as well! None of these lists are in any particular order. Just throwing that out there. Hair/Beauty Purchases Beachwaver 1.25 curling iron –ย Every time I shared this, more people bought it. If you got yourself one, what do you think? I still LOVE mine and I get compliments…

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How I Grew The Heck Up in 2017

Standard blog opener right now: “WOW I cannot believe it is already 2018 and 2017 is over! My how time flies! Also, are you guys freezing cold? Because, same.” << Wish I could act like I am not totally one of those people haha. Anyway, Happy New Year! Hope you are all doing great at your 2018 goals. Me on the other hand, I tried to go to the gym last night but it was too crowded. I’ll try again…

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My Favorite Phone Case

For any and everyone who has a huge phone, you probably have a pop socket or something to help you hold your phone. For a while, I used the pop sockets, but the pastย month or so, I have been using theย Loopy phone case and I am obsessed! I can hold my phone doing WHATEVER I am doing. Seriously. I was holding it in the same hand that was holding a toddler the other night and it was perfectly secure. And…

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Casual Denim Jacket Look

I get more comments when wearing my denim jacket than anything else I own. Okay, that may be a little dramatic, but seriously, it’s great. If you don’t already have one, it’s time to find take the plunge. I promise you won’t regret it. Also, you can find a good and durable option at really affordable prices! Both of mine are under $50 and I have worn them both so many times. Anyway,ย  this outfit is super easy and you…

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Holiday Gifts Under $25

It’s December!! Gift giving season is literally upon us. I was asked to put a post of gifts under $25 together last week and I worked hard to find a ton of options for those of you looking for cute, easy and affordable gifts for everyone in your life. Hope this helps you out! Honestly, I think I rounded up all the options on the internet. Good luck. The graphic above is all clickable! I focused on home and beauty…

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