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Must Have Sneakers

I. Love. Shoes. Not even kidding I would spend every dime of my income on shoes if that was an option. Unfortunately, bills and food take priority. So annoying. Anyway, for today, I want to share some must have sneakers for year around! I am kind of annoyed with myself for calling them sneakers too because I am the person that calls them tennis shoes. But is that weird? Idk. Anyway, let me know if you have any of these shoes are you are on the fence about getting some! Hardly any of these pics are of me or even mine, but all styles I would absolutely wear!

Original Adidas


Slip on Vans


See more pics of these in this post!

Nike Roshe


This style is my jam. I love my black/white ones but there are so many good colors to choose from. And there is a newer style that is apparently more comfortable. I have had my eye on these light grey ones for some time now!



I love this laid back casual look and I am pretty sure I have worn this exact same outfit many times!

Wedge Sneakers


Shout out to all the people that hate on these (talking to you, Hannah) because I plan on getting married in mine haha. I have the all black ones and I am so excited that it’s getting cold again so I can wear these every day. If you are short like me, you need all the help you can get, and honestly I think they are so cool. Can’t find the link to mine anymore, so maybe they aren’t cool anymore? Haha. Whatever, I will still wear them and you better believe there will be an outfit post featuring those bad boys this season!

I could go on and on about all the sneakers I love, but who has time for that? But I did want to link a few more looks and styles I am loving these days!

Thanks for reading and I talk to you guys tomorrow!

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