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Gift Guide for Her

  1. Women’s Patagonia Re-Tool Snap Pullover – I think I had one of these several years ago but I love this fresh white color and really need one to up my athleisure game…aka my ‘errand running outfit’ game
  2. Rebecca Minkoff Small Regan Clutch – I saw this at the Nordstrom in California and fell in love with the style, color, size, details and everything else. Definitely on my wishlist!
  3. Black Nike Juvenate Sneaker – I love my Nike Roshes but I am looking for some new lightweight shoes similar and I think these would be the perfect fit. Do any of you have these? What are your thoughts?
  4. Sleepwear – Seriously who doesn’t love comfortable and cute pajamas? There are so many options this season at ALL price points. Time to get with the fam and decide what the matching sets will be for Christmas!
  5. Zella Live In High Waist Leggings – I know what you are thinking…this is too much to spend on regular black leggings. But I promise it’s worth it! I snagged the normal rise ones during the big sale this summer and I LOVE them. I am going to get the high rise ones soon too because they are so worth it.
  6. Free People Scarf – I kept seeing people wearing this and sharing it and thought it was cute, but then I saw it in real life and it is SO soft and the perfect color. So naturally it is on my Christmas list this year!
  7. Coffee Snob Mug – Who can have enough cute coffee mugs?! Plus this would be a good secret santa gift or a gift for a friend or coworker that won’t break the bank.
  8. Happy Plugs Earbuds – I saw these the last time I was at Nordstrom too and thought they are SO cute! They have marble AND gold details, what more could you want? Plus they are soft and won’t hurt your ears like those pesky Apple ones!
  9. Echo Touch Tech Gloves – Is it just me or do you feel like you never need gloves until you NEED them and then it’s too late because you already have frostbite? Probably just me but that is okay. Anyway, these come in several different colors and look so cute! Plus they are on sale right now!
  10. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume – I love this bottle first off. But also the smell is perfection! And like my wise younger sister says, “if you smell good, you look good” — disclaimer: not entirely convinced on that one but it’s a start
  11. Khiel’s Mini Masque Must Haves – Within maybe 3 hours of me creating this post, this has sold out on Nordstrom and I had to link it straight to Khiel’s. That has me thinking this is probably a good kit. Plus I love all of Khiel’s products!
  12. T3 Curling Iron – So I don’t have this curling iron but it is DEFINITELY on the wish list! If for nothing else, it is beautiful, but it is also high quality and won’t burn your hair off (obviously important). I don’t think these ever really go on sale, so don’t hold your breath! Do any of you have this curling iron? If so, how do you like it?
  13. Clarisonic Mia 2 – I got a Clarisonic last year when they went on sale for 50% off and I have LOVED it! Yes it made me break out a little at first and I don’t use it every day, but when I do, my skin feels so clean and ready! If you are on the fence about getting one or asking for one, I definitely recommend doing so!
  14. Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist – This stuff makes my skin feel so so smooth and gives me that glow I am looking for with and without makeup! I came across it at Urban Outfitters recently and decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did! I have seriously seen a difference in the glow and hydration of my skin.

That is all for now! Check back soon as I will have more tabs for gift ideas for everyone in your life! Also today and tomorrow I will be sharing tips and sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you WON’T want to miss! Happy Thanksgiving and talk to you tomorrow!

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