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Business Casual + A White Smile

A few quick & casual updates for you!

  1. Spring is here in FULL SWING and that means rain every other day. So I am trying to figure out this weather while it rains every other day and plan photo shoots on the days that aren’t miserable.
  2. I’ve used my new whitening toothpaste for a little over a week now and I can DEFINITELY tell the difference. I took these pics today and made no edits whatsoever (besides cropping and whatever) and look how white those chompers are! Also, since I started selling this whitening toothpaste, I have made enough money to buy the new camera lens that took these pics as well as cover a full month’s utilities! Who doesn’t love to make some easy cash on the side? So, if you are interested in buying some products from me, let me know and we can talk about you can get white teeth!!
    • There is no sensitivity, no abrasives, it keeps my mouth super minty fresh, and my teeth feel so clean! It is also safe for pregnant women and SO affordable. If you want a safe, no pain, teeth whitening paste that doesn’t add a step to your routine, this is the BEST option. Seriously.
  3. I am headed to the beach this weekend and cannot wait! A girls trip that will be very relaxing and chill. Be on the lookout for some fun pics and a roundup of all the swimsuits and summer clothes I have bought recently.
  4. This is exciting (for me at least)! I have added a new item to my menu under the shop tab. It’s called shop my Instagram. Here, you can easily shop my Instagram posts! I will also be adding a tab for shopping my Snapchat outfits. A lot of times I get dressed in a cute outfit that I would love to share but I don’t have time to take a good pic to post or I look like a homeless person that day. So here you will be able to shop my Snapchat posts as well. Be sure to follow me there @shelbsfree!

That is all for now…

Let me know if you are interested in seeing more business casual outfits and more of just what I wear to work! Also, I feel the need to be VERY clear that these photos were not taken or edited by Delyn haha. Not at all professional. But, you have to start learning somewhere!

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