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How to Style a White Blouse

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Make a Simple White Blouse Fun!

Hi, everyone! Today I am talking about how to style a simple (or not so simple) white blouse. If you don’t have some form of white blouse that you can throw on and look put together relatively easy, you need to go ahead and invest.

Just like a white tee, having a good white blouse can be worn in SO many ways. To be honest, this one is a friend’s from work and she got it at Label in Bentonville. It has eyelet detailing as well as some fringe at the hemline to give it some flair! Also, because this shoot was not scheduled, I was not wearing this at work. But Megan was able to run home and grab this shirt so Iย could look decent in pics and share about this top!

Last Wednesday when the sun decided to come out for once, Delyn was able to meet Megan and me after work on a whim for some more learning and photos. I told Delyn I did not have my camera, but Megan had hers (we have the same one) and I wanted to learn about light that day while there was actually some sunshine to speak of. Thankfully, he was able to take us to several different places and show us how to use the light to our advantage and teach us some worthwhile tips and tricks that we are both super excited about.

I am headed to the beach this weekend so I will be sharing some photos from our trip soon! Can’t wait to show you guys what I am learning about my camera. I am totally nerd-ing out.

Find my outfit and similar pieces linked below!


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