Turning 25 & Sharing 25 Things About Me

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Well. It finally happened. I turned 25 today. If you have talked to me recently, you know I have been a LITTLE stressed/anxious about turning 25. However, here I am. I did it and I haven’t turned into a pumpkin…yet. (I wrote this post on the night of my bday).

While turning 25 has been weird and I feel like I am actually turning about 76, I am thankful for the past year of my life. I have learned more this year about myself, about my friends, about what is important to me and about life in general than any other year yet.

Here is a list of 25 memories and things that have happened in my last year that have impacted my life some how. Some really deep and serious, others…not so much. Lol. Also, these are in NO particular order.

  1. Randomly (with no plans) booking a flight to Europe one Wednesday morning at work.
  2. Sharing a really small office at work with a few of my best friends. Literally 4 humans (plus Junie sometimes) in one office. We would laugh, we would bitch, we would support and we would help each other every single day. This was a good time.
  3. I bought and paid off a king size bed. THIS was my first adult purchase. And it is one of my favorite things I own. If you know me at all, you know I’m not joking.
  4. I wrecked my car. I ran into the back of someone on I-49 (the ACTUAL worst place in the world) one morning. Stop and go traffic is awful. Thankfully, the guy I hit was in a big truck, he was not injured and he was so kind and helpful. I only had a busted lip, but I was SO upset. That was my first real car wreck and it was not fun.
  5. I had a few really bad days at work. Days that changed a lot at work. Days where I had to grow the F up and help to get things done that weren’t always easy to do.
  6. I had GREAT days at work. Those days where you get everything done, you are recognized for working your ass off and you go home feeling accomplished and like you did something great.
  7. I had days where the only living thing I spoke to out loud was Junie…oops. Also, perfectly content with sharing my life with June. Sweet, adorable, loving, nonjudging cuddly girl.
  8. I broke my wrist. That was fun lol tbt.
  9. Living with someone I was dating in their house. Not our house.
  10. I ended a relationship when I had nowhere to live, no plans and a dog.
  11. Colorado with my friends! I hadn’t been skiing in like 6 or 7 years. When Holly asked us who was down for a trip with her family, I happily obliged and I am SO glad that I did. It was the perfect long weekend! And I realized how much I love skiing again. So any time any one wants to go, I’M IN!
  12. Moving all of my belongings all by myself….TWICE. Had to move from point A to point B (temporarily) then moved the majority of things home (because lived there over Christmas and NYE for about 2 weeks) then came back to fay (where I was again homeless for 2 nights and stayed with Hannah) THEN finally was able to move into my apartment. But had nothing to move in. Literally nothing. But I figured it all out and definitely grew up a lot. Didn’t help that this was in the middle of duck season and dad wouldn’t come and help me….🙄
  13. I bought a real couch, a coffee table, TVs, silverware and all the things that people need to live in a home haha. Also had to set up all the bills and things by myself. I have done this before but always with the help of roommates.
  14. That brings me to living alone. You guys, I am a HUGE scaredy cat. Like terrified of the dark, slept with my TV on all night for forever and now I still have a small light from my sound machine that I have to have on. And now I was going to be living completely alone. I will say that living in an apartment complex makes me feel safer. I thought I was going to be surrounded by loud college kids, but I’m not! The guys above me are great (one of them sings and plays piano all the time and I can hear it and it’s beautiful lol), there are families, young adults, etc. I also live on the first floor so it’s good with June. And if anything tried to get me, Junie would for sure bark…until the intruder was nice, then she’d be a horrible guard dog lol
  15. I was never a single dog owner until December. It’s a lot harder than you’d think. Work trips, personal trips, work in general, meetings, things that Junie can’t go to are hard when you don’t have another person to help out. Thankfully Sydney has been great when I need to leave June at home! Thanks, Syd. But this is also why I take her EVERY WHERE. And tbh, I could NOT live alone without her. She makes it way less lonely. Shout out to you, June.
  16. I met and hung out with Luke Bryan…for free haha. This is a good story if you haven’t heard it. Megan and I randomly bought tickets to Luke Bryan and Brett Eldridge (I am low key in love with Brett…nbd) in LR. Great seats for about $60. Meg saw these girls handing out wrist bands and we assumed they were backstage passes but didn’t know. I ran and asked if we could have two, they said yes. We ended up going to this after party full of people from the bands and sets and Luke Bryan. Literally met him, shook his hand and spoke to him. Very nice guy along with the entire crew and friends. Unfortunately, Brett had already gone to sleep that night. So we didn’t get to meet him but met his besties so that was cool.
  17. Learning to cook. I never cooked. Seriously lived off of frozen meals and easy mac. Now I buy fresh meat, fresh veggies and enjoy following recipes and cooking for myself. This was something I NEEDED to do before turning 25 lol.
  18. Traveling across the world to several new countries with Hannah who I had never even been in the car with for more than 3 hours. We just kind of hoped we would be good travel partners and we were literally the perfect match.
  19. Laughing until we cried and making the dumbest, most ridiculous jokes about nothing all the way through Europe. Eating every thing we could, taking advantage of every opportunity and killing the travel game all around. I wanted to go to Europe before turning 25, so thanks for coming along, HH.
  20. Learning that maybe a normal museum really isn’t for me (or Hannah). Don’t judge. I have my reasons and I’d be happy to share if you’re interested haha. However, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel was amazing.
  21. Being a better friend. Taking time to check on the people that matter to me. Ask about their lives, tell them about my life and really value people. Something I have found is very important to me is meaningful relationships.
  22. Being single for the longest time in YEARS. It has been great. I haven’t been happier. I am doing what I want to do and having a blast doing so. Highly recommended.
  23. Realizing that buying cheap clothes and shoes isn’t really worth it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I will buy cheap trendy things, but I would much rather spend money on a basic tee that I will wear again and again. Or spend money on shoes that I can wear season after season. Same with jeans. You get what you pay for. If you wear jeans every day, why are you still buying $25 jeans? Buy some that make you feel confident and are the most comfortable denim you own. You WON’T regret it. I like to do the “price per wear” theory. If jeans cost me $150, but I wear them 150 times, that is only $1 per wear! Haha
  24. I actually really love this blog. It takes a lot of time and energy and it’s not always a top priority. But hearing from people that they like it, that they want to see more posts, it seriously means the world because this isn’t easy and takes time and money. So I will keep sharing, promise.
  25. I am happy. With who I am, what I’m doing, where I’m going and how I’m living my life. I am beyond happy. Glad to be happy and healthy, have friends and family that love and support me and get excited when I wake up in the morning. Life is good.

That is all, fam. Thanks for all your support and love. You all are the real MVPs.

In the photo, I am wearing a denim jumper from Fringe, my favorite Amuse Society tee from Riffraff and the classic Vans. Linked below are some similar options!

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