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Fall Trends I’ll Be Wearing All Season

Summertime, I hate to watch you go, but I love to watch you leave because FALL CLOTHES! I love everything about summer, except the clothes. So when fall comes back around and it’s jeans, oversized sweaters, cute boots and booties…I get crazy excited. So be ready for lots of posts coming soon.

To start, here are some of the fall trends I’ll be sporting this season!


Leather skirts, pants, bags, jackets, shoes, etc. All. Fall (and winter). Long. Fam. See below. Already wearing leather jackets in September. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

All. Of. The. Denim.

Denim jackets, distressed denim, denim skirts, step hem, raw hem, cropped and flare. I also just love all things denim so I may be partial here but whatevs.


Slides and Mules

I bought a pair of slides (or mules? To each their own) during the anniversary sale and now I just want them all.



I have been all about skirts lately and I plan on taking this new love all the way through the season. *bring on the self-tanner*


Chunky Sweaters

As if oversized and chunky sweaters would ever go out of style anyway. But just in case you thought they may, I’ll be wearing them 3 days a week.


Hat Game Strong

Honestly, I’ve always loved the hat trend but I’m going to man up and actually wear some this year because I usually chicken out. I really recommend trying to buy hats at your local stores and boutiques because trying to buy online gets expensive and just outright hard to do. I have grabbed a few from Fringe in Fayetteville and Riffraff!


Bold Red

I feel like as a Razorback fan, I only wear red during football season. But bold red is IN this year, guys. Hop on the bandwagon..I’ll be there.


Ruffles and Peplum

Never ever in my life did I think I would be into this trend, but here I am. Don’t worry though, I like to add in other pieces to kind of distract from the girliness of the ruffles. But that is just me. You can style this trend however you’d like!


Statement Earrings

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve worn earrings in YEARS until recently and I have bought a ton and worn them every single day. I have found some cheaper versions, too. I love the Sugarfix brand by Bauble Bar at Target!


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