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lululemon Holiday Pop-up Shop!

For all my Northwest Arkansas people, we finally have a REAL lululemon location in Rogers! But, be warned. It’s not here for a long time, but it sure is here for a good time. It is called a pop-up shop because it will only be open through the holidays to kind of test this market. If the sales are good and they feel like this location is profitable, hopefully, it’ll become permanent!

Let me clarify, though. This lululemon location is not anything less than another lululemon location, so don’t let the “pop-up shop” name scare you away. In fact, they have worked SO hard to create SUCH a beautiful store. They moved in the old Gordon’s Jewelry (I think that’s the name?) location which had like carpet and drapes on all the walls and blue carpet on the floor…V bad. So they had to put a lot of time, money, effort and work into this location to make it what it is now!

I was lucky enough to get a message from Mike, the manager who came from the LR store, and he asked if I would share some posts and work with them through the season to really share about the store. So here I am! With this, I also got some really awesome products.

You can see the before and after pics of the store as well as photos of me shopping and I added the products that I bought and others that I have already and tried on in the store!

Before opening…

lululemon Store Opening…

lululemon products I picked up…

I got the black Swiftly tech short sleeve shirt and apparently it is sweat wicking magic. I am super pumped to wear this soon! Also, I got the ‘heathered black’ Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 pants. These are CRAZY comfy, the hi-rise is everything and I am obsessed with the gray color!

My absolute favorite pants in the whole world, though, are these Align Pants. I could legitimately live in these bad boys for the rest of my life. They are SO soft and worth every single penny and more. I have them in black (pictured below) but I am going to buy another color soon. Just have to decide which color I want. Any suggestions??

I always recommend going to a lululemon store to shop and try on several different options. And if anything doesn’t fit that you’re wanting to buy, they offer FREE alterations! Customer service game STRONG. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave some comments!

And if you are wanting to head to the Rogers store or give them a call, here are the contact details! 2203 S Promenade Blvd Space #8155, Rogers, AR 72758 // (479)-621-0305

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