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10 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is NEXT week! What are you going to wear? Maybe you have a super chill day where you can wear your favorite leggings, oversized sweatshirt, and house shoes. I envy you. I mean, I guess I could do that, but my whole family comes to town and I think they would be really confused. Also, it would be documented all over social media and that would be embarrassing. I was sure to add ideas for the really dressy occasion all the way to jeans and t-shirts and everything in between!

These are some cute outfits from my three absolute favorite bloggers and each photo links to the pieces they are wearing (as well as their original posts – show some love) and other options at different price points. Oh, and I added a few pics of my favorite outfits I shared from last season that are obvi still relevant.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

1. Plaid button down and duck boots

Does your family do Thanksgiving on the farm? Are all the boys coming back from the woods just in time to grab lunch and go back out? Is everyone is hopping on and off four-wheelers, rangers, etc? If so, I’d go with this outfit. Cute, practical and comfortable.

plaid button down casual thanksgiving outfit

Pic from LivvyLandBlog

In her blog post, you can see the sizing she chose. Also, in the American Eagle plaid shirt, I linked above, I got a small! If you order women’s Patagonia items, I like to size up or they will be really fitted.


2. Striped Tee & Distressed Jeans

This is my go-to for basically every walk of life. Literally, have this outfit on as I create this post haha. You can never go wrong. I do like how she added the cute neck scarf to add some variation here!

striped tee distressed jeans and bootie thanksgiving outfit

Pic from LivvyLandBlog

Exact top from picture above


3. Casual leather leggings outfit

I am absolutely obsessed with these leather leggings. You can dress them up or down and the outfits are always so stinking cute. I have gotten a ton of compliments on these leggings when I wear them and the best part is they are actually comfortable! I love this casual look and I’d even wear it when sneakers.

Pic from EmilyAnnGemma


4. Leggings and Cardigan

You can’t go wrong with the cozy cardigan option. I mean, throw on a loose tee, some black (v stretchy) leggings, your best cardigan and some boots and you are ready to eat your way all the way through Thanksgiving. This is the route I’m sure I’ll be talking this year (as with every other year).

Pic from BrightonKeller

Linked some good faux leather legging options, but if you are looking for plain black GREAT leggings, I cannot recommend the Align Pants from lululemon enough. I seriously want to give a pair of these to everyone I know.


Sweater & Jeans for Thanksgiving

5. Classic clean White sweater & black jeans

I have so many white sweaters, blouses, and tees in my closet because this is one of my favorite looks. Not sure what it is, but I love white tops. Maybe because they make me look tan, but also clean and put together a little bit? Idk. But can we talk about those slides she has on? That is the color I need!!!

Pic from LivvyLandBlog

Exact sweater from photo above


6. Off the shoulder sweater & distressed jeans

I think everyone is well aware of the off the shoulder sweater vibes this season. I am a fan. It makes your cozy sweater look a little more dressed up. Am I right? What are thoughts on this style?

Pic from EmilyAnnGemma


7. Tan sweater and statement booties

I am obsessed with the leopard booties. Really think I need them but I am making myself wait to really see how much I *need* them after I get everyone else’s Christmas gifts. Also, have to pay bills and things, but not that important haha.

Pic from BrightonKeller


8. Mock neck sweater & jeans

I personally LOVE the color of this sweater. And the bell sleeves? Yes, ma’am. It comes in a few other colors and I would say it’s TTS or size down. A lot of BP. brand items run a little big.

Pic from EmilyAnnGemma


Shelby’s Last Season Faves for Thanksgiving Inspo

9. All black with tan booties

How cold do I look in this pic? Lmk haha. Moral of this is that you can never go wrong with all black. In my personal opinion.

black sweater off the shoulder with distressed black jeans

Original post here

10. Beanie game strong

Few things I love more than a good beanie. And the weather is finally here. I love that you can dress it up or down and this is one of my favorite looks from last season. I think I may wear this (sans beanie) to work tomorrow. Inspiring myself here.

Original post here and here

If you like this post, please let me know! Hoping to take pics this week and next week of new outfits. Also, I regularly share my day-to-day life on Instagram and Snapchat stories, so if you like dogs, pretty sunsets, and other miscellaneous posts, be sure to follow me there!

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