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7 Tips For Staying Warm in This Cold!

Hey! Is anyone else LITERALLY FREEZING to death in this weather? I swear I went and bought merino wool socks and some gloves and haven’t taken either off since Wednesday. I mean it is painfully cold outside and I am not cutout for this weather in any way, shape or form. So, what do I do? I tell you how to survive this, because if anyone is a huge baby when it comes to being cold, it is me! Here are some of my favorite ways to stay warm, and I would love to know some of yours….no really, please share because I am freezing. *Read all the tips and then all the links for things are at the bottom!*

  1. MERINO WOOL – A friend told me I needed to invest in merino wool socks so my toes would stop going numb from the cold. So I straight up sprinted (via car…because ❄️) to Lewis & Clark, a local outdoors store in NWA and bought some of these bad boys. They really do work so well. I got the thinner style so I can wear them with all my shoes and I am going back to buy 40 more pairs. I am not exaggerating when I say that my toes would get so cold I could not feel them and I was wearing Uggs. These are a lifesaver!
  2. Heated blanket – Since I have shared about heated blankets about 40 times on here now, I think you guys get the point, but I thought I’d hammer it home a few more times. If you are cold, get you one of these and never let go!
  3. Gloves – same with my toes, my fingers would start to lose feeling…pretty confident I have a circulation problem…I blame the cookies and potato chip diet I swear by. Anyway, I decided to buy some gloves and wear them every time I stepped outside. Although I have looked a little weird at times doing this, (i.e. running in gas stations, inside Walmart, grabbing food from pickup window) my hands have been much warmer, therefore I have been happier. Get yoself some gloves. Thank me later.
  4. Headwear – You choose the style. Beanies, floppy hats, ear warmers. Whatever floats your boat. But keeping your head and ears warm is a must.
  5. Hood life – I have found a new love for hoodies recently. I look pretty thug in them, but I am in love, guys. I got 2 recently and may or may not have worn one or the other at least once a day since I got them. Not ashamed. Choose your favorite sports team, travel destination (think Breckenridge hoodie) and again, thank me later. Also, I have been wearing jackets with hoods all week because hats aren’t always practical for work, but throwing my hood on when I am running from car to office or taking Junie outside helps SO MUCH!
  6. Layers on layers – I wore 2 pairs of leggings, tall socks, uggs, long sleeve t shirt, hoodie, scarf, parka, beanie, hood up and sunglasses to the dog park with Junie this morning 😂 I am taking this layering suggestion REALLY serious. But at the same time, be sure to not wear too many pairs of socks because you won’t be able to move your feet and they will go numb because blood stops flowing. Learned this the hard way before. Take it from me.
  7. Staying inside in bed – This is my best advice and tip for all of you. Winter is here. Don’t go outside.

Thanks for reading! Stay warm, party people. 😎

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