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Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

Hey! I have something that will change your life if you struggle with weak eyelashes. I am not even joking right now. Believe me, I was skeptical about the Rodan + Fields Lash Boost because it is kind of pricey and I didn’t want to spend that money and get no results. But after talking to Haley and seeing some before/after photos, I decided it was worth a try! I have never had just AMAZING eye lashes. Tbh I sleep on my stomach and kind of dig my face into my pillow (is that normal? idk.) so like every month, about half of my eyelashes on one eye will basically fall out and I have to start from scratch. It looks pitiful as hell every time. I hate it.

So one thing I have started doing religiously is taking my eye makeup off each night. I used to be horrible at this. And I would wake up with straight up SORE eyes. You know what I am talking about, when your eyes hurt. So I bought these Almay Eye Makeup Remover wipes and they are a life saver. I literally leave them by my bed so if I have forgotten to wash my face (60% of the time) I will just grab one and at least take my mascara off. Then I can quickly and painlessly swipe on the R+F lash boost and go to sleep!

I started using the Lash Boost the Monday after Thanksgiving and I used it religiously and did not miss any days for like 2 weeks. I could tell my lashes were getting darker and even stronger but not much in the length department. So I was getting annoyed. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE YOU GUYS, my lashes grew to my eyebrows. It was like they needed that few weeks of TLC to really get started. And LOOK AT ME NOW! They are soooo long. Seriously, so many people have commented on them, saying my eyes look bigger, what kind of mascara do I use, etc. Basically, this is a game changer.

Also, two women that I work with have been using it. One who was a lot like me and just never had long eye lashes, but now they are amazing! Another one who wears fake lashes like it is her job (seriously puts them on and rocks them everyday) and is NO LONGER wearing her fake lashes everyday!!!! And her real lashes look just as good!

Anyway, it has been a solid 8 weeks and I still use the lash boost about 4-5 times a week AND I am still seeing improvements. Plus I can go without mascara and not feel completely homeless now. 🙌🏻  Anyway, see for yourself in the photos below! I can really, really tell and I will sing from the mountain tops that this stuff is legit!

BEFORE R+F Lash Boost

AFTER R+F Lash Boost!

Finally, here are some pieces of info on how/when you use it, what is so great about it, etc.

  • Put it on like eyeliner on top lid each night before going to sleep after washing your face
  • It uses Multi-Med® Therapy to moisturize, nourish and protect lashes.
  • LASH BOOST has undergone SIX ophthalmologist safety tests and found to be safe, non-irritating & will not change the color of your eyes. (*Has not irritated them at all, except that time I accidentally stabbed myself in the eye with the product, but you know, that is user error. The only thing I have found to happen is wake up with more eye crusties…not sure that is a word but whatever, you know what I mean)
  • Lash Boost FAQ
  • Lash Boost Info Link

Btw, I did the whole before/after photos with no makeup on, but wow they look SO bad haha. Also, I just don’t think I did a good job capturing it. Anyway, I am wearing the exact same mascara and primer in all of these photos. And in the snow skiing photos, I didn’t even have primer on.

Thanks again to Haley for helping me out with all of this! I have obviously been SO pleased!

Disclaimer: I do not sell this product and I am not being paid to promote this in any way. I was given the product to use and share by a friend who sells it, but I was never forced to write this post. These are all of my own opinions and I would not lie to all my favorite readers ever ever.

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  • Annmarie John
    February 2, 2017 at 12:10 am

    I have heard great things about this and I think I need to get it for myself. I have like non-existent lashes so need to use this.

    • Shelby Free
      February 2, 2017 at 1:48 pm

      Seriously I was so skeptical and thought it wouldn’t work but it really does! My boss is a bit older than you and she had NO eyelashes and started using this and has seen such improvement! I mean if you are interested in getting better lashes, this is definitely a good deal. I also think they are having a good deal/sale right now. Message me if you want me to give you information to get in touch with my friend to order it! 🙂