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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is literally right around the corner.  So I have taken some time to put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide just for you….let’s not kid ourselves, this is for me too. For those of you like me, who have yet to buy Mom anything, here are some great things she will love. Also, if you ARE a mom, just go ahead and treat yourself to these things because you’re an MVP, you deserve it and this stuff is all fantastic!

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A few other recommendations for Mother’s Day Gifts…

GMA has done Deals on Wheels all week with Tory Johnson and today she shared a ton of good deals. Not sure they would be great for a Mother’s Day gift, but if your mom is okay with a late gift, I’d go for it (treat yoself here too)!

Lulu Lemon Yoga Pants – seriously the best pants in the land. Worth every dollar and more.

A good gift is always something from the heart, too. So write your mom a heartfelt letter, 10 things she has taught you in your life, what your favorite memories are with her, etc. No doubt you’ll get some tears and brownie points for that one.

Finally, if you ARE a Mom and shopping for your mom, just get her photos of your kids. Always the best and easiest gift!

Let me know what you are getting your mom this year

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