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How To: Style your favorite Black Dress – Look #2

black dress converse sneakers

Everyone has a black dress that they love. If you are anything like me, you have about 10 and you just wear them over and over again with no shame. But really though, it is perfect for every single occasion. Wedding? Yep. Big meeting at work? Yep. Brunch with your friends? Yep and yep.

So, this starts the series of FIVE ways to wear your favorite black dress. Honestly, I have about 25 ways to wear one, but I thought that may be a bit of an overkill.

To start, let’s do a classic. Black cotton dress, sneakers and a button up shirt tied around your waist. If you’re wearing a dress, there is a chance you may get cold, so having something to throw on if it happens, is always clutch. Also, it breaks up the looks and makes sure everyone knows you actually have a waist!

Black Dress Look #1!

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Shop the post here (below) and stay tuned as I continue sharing 4 other ways to style a black dress this season!

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