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Holiday Gifts Under $25

It’s December!! Gift giving season is literally upon us. I was asked to put a post of gifts under $25 together last week and I worked hard to find a ton of options for those of you looking for cute, easy and affordable gifts for everyone in your life. Hope this helps you out! Honestly, I think I rounded up all the options on the internet. Good luck.

The graphic above is all clickable! I focused on home and beauty gifts for this one. And everything is under $25! I would personally love getting any of this stuff from a friend, colleague or in my stocking.
Below, I have broken down the gift ideas into categories. Everything is still under $25, though! Lots of fun Amazon and Etsy finds!

Office Supplies/Co-Workers

  • Stabilo Pens – I use these for journaling and highlighting in all my books.  I am seriously obsessed with them and whoever you buy them for will love them, promise!
  • Felt tip pens – Seriously, who doesn’t love these pens? We fight over them when we get a new pack at the office haha
  • Funny coffee mugs for work – option 1 (LOL), option 2, option 3, option 4
  • Wall calendar – This is the cutest wall calendar ever! Talk about brightening up your workspace.
  • Mini Office heater – We all have that one coworker who is constantly freezing cold. Go ahead and give them this tiny heater and make their hearts nice and warm haha.
  • Shoeshine sponge – For that guy (or girl) who rocks those shiny shoes at the office every day and doesn’t want a smudge
  • Jeopardy Calendar – A guy at work asked for this from his secret Santa and I thought it was a good reco!
  • Water bottle – Most offices have Culligan water machines so people just refill bottles all day. Better to have a fun one to do that with! Option 2, option 3

Small Gifts for Guys

More options for anyone on your holiday list (under $25)

Hope this helps and I’m sorry it was so long! If you like these type of posts to help you shop for gifts for others, please let me know in a comment! Thanks and Happy December!

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