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2017 Favorite Purchases

I am seeing all of these “Favorite 2017 Purchases” posts by other bloggers sharing what their most popular items and favorite items were from last year so I wanted to share mine as well! None of these lists are in any particular order. Just throwing that out there.

Hair/Beauty Purchases

  1. Beachwaver 1.25 curling iron – Every time I shared this, more people bought it. If you got yourself one, what do you think? I still LOVE mine and I get compliments on my curls constantly. Plus, the process is so much easier with the spinning barrel. Tbh, first world problems, but I took a cheap curling iron to Europe that DIDN’T spin and it was a hassle.
  2. T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hairdryer – My highest selling product this year. I got it on SUPER sale from Hautelook, which is no longer available, but I would still recommend. If you got one, what do you think so far? I just got mine in and used it the other night and it was amazing. It doesn’t hurt that it’s beautiful!
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow – I got a ton of DMs about this stuff when I posted it on my IG stories and I cannot say enough good things! It comes out white, then it blends into your skin leaving a beautiful glow. I will wear it alone or I’ll put it on, use concealer and setting powder and I’m ready to go! It’s also super hydrating. One of my fave bloggers, Brighton Keller, shared about it and I had to give it a try. *Side note: follow her on Instagram, She’s a boss*

Fashion – Clothes, Shoes, Bags

  1. Madewell purse – yall have heard about this enough by now haha but needless to say, this bag is amazing. It has been all over the world and it holds SO MUCH STUFF.
  2. Marc Fisher Chelsea Boot – wow I have worn these so much. And these are on sale right now. Do I need another color?! Because I am heavily considering these bad boys.
  3. Spanx Leather Leggings – these are fan-freaking-tastic. They suck you in but aren’t restricting. You can wear them dressed up or down and you can wear them literally anywhere. I have worn mine with Uggs and a pullover and I’ve worn them with a super dressy outfit and they’re great for both. Worth every penny. Also, side note, apparently the Commando brand ones are awesome, too!
  4. Barefoot dreams cardigan – (I have this one in black with the hood) gosh this brand is the BEST in the world. If you like soft clothes or blankets, this is a MUST. There are a ton of styles and colors so pick your poison but know you will be obsessed. Here it is without the hood and it’s marked down!
  5. Madewell Whisper Cotton V Neck – still stand by these like no one’s business and I have my fair share of v necks so I have tested several.
  6. Marc Fisher Wedge Platform – these go with everything, they have beautiful colors, the quality is great and they are super comfortable! A few other places to buy them here, here and here.
  7. Lulu Lemon Align Pants – I guess technically I got these at the end of 2016, but they are still rocking and I lowkey want to buy about 14 more pairs of them but don’t have to because the quality is holding up like a CHAMP. I am going to rant about these on my Insta stories soon because I could live and die in these. Literally, bury me in these pants.


  1. Bose QuietComfort ii wireless headphones – bought these in December (so, technically end of 2017). But judging by how much I loved my wired ones for the past few years and the time I have used these so far, I am OBSESSED. They are so freaking comfortable. Also, the sound quality is top notch and they look really cool.
  2. iPhone X – I freaking love this thing. I love the size (doesn’t feel like a tablet in my hand), the battery life, the CAMERA is next level, just all around 5/5 stars for this.
  3. Sound Machine – I have slept with this thing every single night since I bought it last January. Not exaggerating, I even travel with it. Talk about a good use of my money haha.
  4. Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera – I have loved having this camera. I enjoy learning how to use it and I even bought a new lens for higher quality pics. And planning on investing in at least one more lens soon! Stay tuned.


Let’s not kid ourselves, all of this material stuff is great and fun. But, want to know what is better? Experiences. Traveling, seeing the world, visiting your friends, seeing concerts and everything in between. My 2017 year was epic and I have really tried to share everything from weekends at the lake to touring the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio in London with everyone. I hope 2018 is just as great ast 2017 if not BETTER. So far, I am looking forward to several things that I can’t wait to share with you all. Stay tuned and stay cool.

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  • Judi Copley
    January 16, 2018 at 10:49 am

    I have the Barefoot Dreams Circle cardi and it is the best piece of clothing on the planet. 👌🏼