Best Amazon Finds

Seriously, who doesn’t love Amazon? I’m a huge fan and order random stuff all the time. I have rounded up a few of my favorite purchases below that I think you guys will like. In addition, there is a page with a TON of items on it linked HERE! You can also find it under the SHOP tab above. Let me know what you think! Click on the images below to open the link in a new tab!

What I Love Most About These Items

Smart Home – I really do get asked a lot about my smart home devices and these are some of my faves. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without them at this point. I have smart plugs for my lamps and Christmas tree, smart switches for my fan and bedroom light, smart thermostat, smart lock and I have these smart light bulbs on the way that I’m pumped about. I can def say that the fan thing is a game changer. You know when you’re in bed so cozy and you think “I would get up if it wasn’t so cold outside the covers”? Well, I have mine set on a timer where it turns off before I wake up! Also, the thermostat is great. You know how you go back and forth whether to turn your heat/air on at certain times of the year? Well, this one you can set to not get colder than 67 degrees and not warmer than 75 so they are both “on”. It’s amazing.
Everything else – Regarding the beauty items. The Neutrogena pads are so hard to find in-store and I freaking love them for removing my eye makeup. They work so well and they are truly gentle. The tiny portable lint roller is the best. The white wipes are great for a quick touch up on the go, and the jade roller feels amazing when you keep it in the freezer! Finally, I just started using hyaluronic acid and I can already tell a difference. If you don’t use this yet, definitely start now.
Everything on here are things that I actually own, so feel free to ask me any questions! Also, if you do buy anything based on my reco, please consider buying from my links so I can make a few dollars. There actually is a lot of work that goes into this and I appreciate your support :)!

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