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Gift Guide for Every Guy!

It’s pretty obvious that guys are crazy hard to shop for and they are all different. Either they want nothing, or they buy everything for themselves before giving you gift ideas. I tried to add a lot of non clothes items here and most are under $100! I think the kitchen tools, the grooming kit and the duffel bag are all great options for any guy you have to shop for this season!

Hope this helps and there are a ton more gift ideas over on this page! I’ll also be adding more over the next few weeks to help you out!

A few notes on some of these items

$100 Cashmere Crewneck – I love everything from Everlane. It is super high quality items for a fraction of the price. Getting a cashmere sweater for $100 is unheard of. This is also a great staple item in any guys closet. Just make sure they don’t dry it haha.

$15 Whiskey Glasses – I don’t know anything about whiskey, scotch, bourbon, etc. But I know the guys at work drink out of these and they act like it’s such a better experience. Pair this with a bottle of whiskey and you’re good to go.

$10 Magnet Car Mount – These are pretty cool! You put a super slim magnet inside your phone case then you attach this to your air vent in your car and your phone easily chills there so you can see navigation or whatever else!

$15 Travel Grooming Kit – This is legit. Every guy needs nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, etc. but they won’t buy it themselves for whatever reason. Maybe this will stop them from stealing yours.

$35 Skin Savior Kit – Guys need to take care of their skin, too. This is a great brand and price. This brand also has great shampoo, conditioner and body wash!

Let me know what some of the guys in your life are asking for and I’ll find some good deals and add it to the shop page!

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