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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I’m here to help you find a few good gifts for all of the mothers in your life. This is a LOOOONG post that took quite a while to put together so I hope it helps! These won’t all be links to something specific but should help you get the gears turning.

Also this will be a good post to reference when you need to buy any woman in your life a gift!

  1. Massage – Big ole DUH on this one. But in case you were born yesterday, this is always a great option.
  2. Facial – Same goes for this. Depending on what your mom’s skin type is, she may like different kinds of facials so a gift certificate would be best (and maybe even scheduling one for her that she can cancel if she can’t make it, but the thought that counts).
  3. Mani/Pedi – Mani/Pedi gift card is something no one is ever upset about!
  4. Year Supply of Nail Appointments – I get my nails done every two weeks and this would be the BEST GIFT OMG
  5. Spa Day WITH Your Mom – If you have the time and you live near your mom (or MIL or whoever), actually going with them and spending that time together is something they will appreciate.
  6. Gift card for Botox – Probably only go this route if you know your mom has been wanting it or gets it regularly. Don’t want to offend anyone haha
  7. Birthstone jewelry with the birthstones of her children/family on it
  8. Personalized Jewelry with the initials or names of her children
  9. Framed Family Photos – Whether you all have gotten family photos taken and never taken the time to frame them or you can surprise your mom with updated pics of you and your siblings or you and your children and frame those. And if you’re in the area, I have a nice camera and would charge you like $20 to take some cute pics!
  10. Fresh Flowers – This is a big obvious, too! If you live near the person, I recommend going to a grocery store and getting a bouquet and vase there to save a few bucks. It would also be nice to give her a monthly subscription for flowers and have them delivered every month! If you do need to send her flowers, how freaking cute are these Farmgirl Flowers?! Absolute must.
  11. New Makeup/Beauty Bag
  12. Fill her new bag with affordable beauty products
  13. Gardening Tools and Gift Card to a Nursery (for plants and trees, not children)
  14. Hanging Flower Pot – These are super trendy!
  15. Car Detailing – If you live near a Splash car wash, they have the quickest, most affordable and best car detailing ever! Highly recommend! And what mom doesn’t need her car cleaned?
  16. Unlimited Car Wash Subscription – a lot of car washes offer these for a monthly fee!
  17. Tickets to a Play, Show or Concert – This guarantees that you will hang out with her and she will likely love that! Or you can give her 2 tix and let her take whoever she wants!
  18. Handwritten Note on How Much You Love Her – I wrote 10 things my mom taught me/why I love her on a piece of paper for Christmas one year and she still has it! Plus she told me that was all she wanted and I was really poor so it was a win win win.
  19. Cutting Board – Get a cute cutting board that she will display in her kitchen! Pair with some new high-quality knives and you have a happy momma!
  20. Instant Pot and Cookbook!
  21. Air Fryer and Cookbook – I don’t have an Air Fryer (yet) but I have heard great things and I really want one!
  22. New Coffee Maker
  23. Vitamix Blender – I don’t have one of these but if your mom makes smoothies on a regular basis (or wants to) she definitely needs this!
  24. KitchenAid Mixer – I don’t have one of these, either but they are apparently a game changer! Also free 2-day shipping from Walmart
  25. New Luggage!
  26. New Cute Sandals or Sneakers
  27. Sign up for a cooking class you can take together!
  28. Lash Boost from Rodan and Fields – this stuff actually works and is legit!
  29. Insulated Coffee Mug $15
  30. Hydroflask Waer Bottle
  31. House Cleaners!
  32. Professional Carpet Cleaning
  33. Professional Furniture Cleaning
  34. Handheld Steamer – an iron and ironing board is sooooo 5 years ago. Get your mom and everyone in your life a handheld steamer. I legit use mine every single day.
  35. Flight Voucher
  36. DNA/Ancestry Kit – I still haven’t done one because everyone else in the family has and I feel like it would be an overkill haha
  37. Lululemon Leggings – she will freaking love these leggings because they are made of angel hair
  38. Lululemon Joggers – I have the pant version of these and the joggers are at the VERY top of my wishlist right now (Junie, I’m talking to you!) These are everything.
  39. Athleta Ankle Pant – I saw the Spoiled Home rave about these the other day and thought it would be a great addition to the list! Perfect for every woman in your life!
  40. Airpods – If I lost my Airpods I would replace them the same day. I specifically love wearing them when I’m doing things around the house or running errands and I’ll listen to podcasts and books!
    1. Airpods case if she already has Airpods
  41. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones Best of the freaking best. I wear mine every day and they are worth the investment for travel and if you work in a shared space
  42. Audible Subscription – Always a good idea and if she already has it, you can schedule a free month to be delivered on a specific day! Also, buy her Becoming by Michelle Obama!
  43. Roomba – talk about the gift that keeps on giving!
  44. Ring Doorbell – I don’t have one of these but I really want one! We got one for my Grandmother for Christmas and she loves it because she can check to see who is at the door before she gets up haha
  45. Clarisonic – I have had my Clarisonic for 4 years and I still use it 3+ times a week. It is another gift that keeps on giving!
  46. Unbreakable Outdoor Wine Glasses – add a few bottles of wine to this and that’s a great gift!
  47. Series 3 Apple Watch – I am obsessed with my apple watch. This is series 3 with no cellular but there are a lot of options!
  48. Silk Pillowcase – these are FREAKING game changers and I’m not kidding. Get her as many as you can! They help prevent wrinkles, you don’t wake up with cowlicks and your moisturizers and serums stay on your skin! I linked a few different price point ones below.
  49. Headbands to hold your hair back while washing your face! – These are $10 for SIX and would be perfect to give your mommy friends with a face mask!
  50. Cute and Practical Raincoat
  51. Portable Phone Charger this is a good gift for literally anyone
  52. Charging iPhone Case
  53. Gift Card to her favorite restaurant
  54. A gift card to her favorite store – Some of my faves would be Amazon, Walmart, Target, Everlane, Madewell, Nordstrom
  55. Self tanner – because skin cancer and wrinkles aren’t cool. This is my fave one but St. Tropez and Tan Luxe are my other fave brands
  56. Cool Sneakers for the Cool Mom
  57. Veja Sneakers because Megan Markle wears them
  58. The perfect Mama Tee
  59. Mama Hat – These are the absolute BEST hats
  60. Phone Stands – These are great for so many things. One of my favorites is being able to stand your phone up, have your Airpods in and watch a show or insta stories. Also good to have it set up watching the baby monitor while you’re doing chores!
  61. Ember Coffee Mug with Temperature Control
  62. $26 Indoor Camera – Great for monitoring your home, your children’s rooms, checking on your dog, etc. I have one and love it!
  63. Best and softest bathrobe – this brand is amazing and so soft but here is another affordable option from Amazon!
  64. Ugg Slippers – seriously find me someone that wouldn’t want these. And if they are too pricey, these are great, too! I will be ordering my Grandmother some slippers because she is amazing. May get her these, though, because she likes a little more support (I got these for my Mom for Christmas and she LOVES them!). And I usually throw in a Walmart gift card or gift card to her fave place to eat!

Okay, I will try to add more in the coming days but for now that is a great start and you should definitely buy your mom, grandmother, aunt, wife, friend, etc all the Mother’s Day gifts! Shop everything below!

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