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Hey everyone! I wanted to create a post that talked about all of my favorite items from the past month or so. Some of these items are new and some old but they are all things I found myself using/wearing time and time again recently.

A lot of these items are from Amazon and everything is so affordable. Links to shop everything are below. I bet you will find a few of your soon-to-be favorite things as well!

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1. Black/White Checkered Vans

I am on a mega Vans kick lately. I have several pairs but I don’t love any like I do these. They go with any outfit and make you look super cool. Also, they are affordable and only get better with time. Great for back to school! I get my normal size in these, but if you are between sizes, I’d go up half a size.

2. No Show Socks

I can’t talk about sneakers and not immediately follow that up with no show socks. I have tried a lot of different brands and style in no show socks but these are recent favorites for the past few months. I used to be loyal to Stance no show’s, and while I still love them, they are kind of pricey. These are great, don’t fall down and hold up after being washed. Grab some asap.

3. Travel Jewelry Organizer

I have recently started buying a lot of dainty jewelry that I don’t wear all the time but I want to have it with me wherever I am. After misplacing the same necklace like 9 times, I decided to invest in this $20 jewelry bag. It’s honestly so great and I haven’t lost a single piece of jewelry since getting it.

4. The Best Shorts EVER

I bought these in late June of this summer and I am not exaggerating when I say I have not worn a different pair of athletic shorts since buying them. I’ll put my Nike shorts on and immediately wish I had pockets like these have. They are sooo great and worth a million dollars. I went a size up from what I get in their leggings and some people even size up twice. I have the black but I will likely get another color soon!

5. Teeth Whitening Strips

For the longest time, I had the teeth whitening trays that I used (which I’m sure most of you are familiar with and used as well). When I lost those, I was hesitant of how I’d whiten my teeth because historically, strips made my teeth SO sensitive. Well, push came to shove and I needed Ross Geller white teeth and gave the strips a try. This was about 3 years ago and I haven’t gone back. I don’t think you need to use them often because they work so well! So if you are looking for a way to brighten up your smile, I can honestly say that these work and they don’t hurt you!

6. $30 Sheets from Amazon

I have seen so many people rave about this and go on and on so when I needed a new set of sheets, I decided to give them a try and so far so good! For $30, these are absolutely amazing! I don’t get sweaty at night and the white has stayed so bright. Really good for guest bedrooms as well!

7. Favorite Basic Tee

My uniform is essentially a basic tee, jeans and sneakers. I wear that exact combo to work every day. That being said, I have tried a LOT of basic tees. Like a lot of them. But none have been as great as this one. Which is why I am a proud owner of said tee in 3 colors and I will likely be ordering at least one more white one. White tee and jeans for life. It really is the perfect tee for only $16. I have the black, tan and white right now!

8. Slim Can Insulated Coozie

This has been on my favorite list for longer than just this past month but I feel like it’s even better in July. I literally use this every day between Truly’s and White Claw and the slim can La Croix. You don’t have to screw off the lid to take the cans in/out but they don’t feel loose. It’s legit perfect. I can open a La Croix at 9 am at work and it’s still cold at lunch. This is the best gift idea, too because they have regular shaped cans as well and I’ll link those below!

9. Hardshell Carry On Suitcase

I looked for a WHILE when I decided I wanted a new carry on size suitcase. I really wanted the Away one or even the new BEIS brand but ultimately they were a little pricey. After looking for a while I found this one on Amazon and ordered it. Same look and feel as the pricier ones but a little bit cheaper. And you guys, this thing is the easiest rolling suitcase I have ever touched in my life. Worth every penny. If you need a new carry on, I HIGHLY recommend this one!

10. Tinted face sunscreen

PSA: Not all sunscreen is created equal! This brand is the freaking bomb diggity and it’s for people prone to acne/sensitive skin. I use it every day and have for several months now. Whether that be under my makeup or without anything else when I’m at the pool or the lake. This brand has clear and tinted but I really like the tinted one to help even out your skin tone on those no-makeup days!

Below are all of the products mentioned above that I got from Amazon as well as a few other favorite finds from Amazon! Hope you enjoyed this!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Extra! Master the natural no heat curls!

I have been working on not being so attached to my curling iron and being able to wear my hair natural this summer. After several different products and methods, I think I have it down (for me at least).

Step 1: Wash your hair as you normally would. Try not to use harsh shampoo or conditioner that will strip your hair of its natural oil.

Step 2: Brush it out and let it air dry for a bit.

Step 3: I do two french braids down the back of my hair. I split my hair down the middle and start at my forehead with tiny pieces and braid to the bottom. Be sure to braid as far down as you possibly can then use a small elastic to tie it off (not too tight!). Then loosen the braid a little bit just so it’s not too terribly tight. But this is up to you!

Step 4: I have been going to sleep like this and letting it fully dry while I sleep. When I wake up it’s usually like 90% dry and that is cool with me!

Step 5: BEFORE you take the braids out, I spray down both braids top to bottom with this texturizing spray. Smells and works so great!

Step 6: Take the braids out and kind of just toss your hair. Then I use at least a quarter-size amount of this hair oil and run it through all my hair. This stuff is the bomb! They sell it at Sephora for like $25 but you can get it way cheaper on Amazon. It smells amazing and it’s the only hair oil I use. Can’t recommend enough.

Step 7: Walk out the door like a boss and get ready for all the compliments! 🙂

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