I am Shelby, a 26 year old living in Northwest Arkansas. I love my dog, Junie, donuts, french fries, potato chips, shopping and technology. But really I love shopping and sleeping the most (well right behind Junie 😋). If you are interested in fashion posts, lifestyle posts and random updates/ramblings from me, I would love for you to join me here!

I have had a blog before and I really enjoyed it but I would get too busy, or it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted so I would give up. And honestly I have been nervous about starting a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog because of what people will say about me. I hope that if you are here, you will be supportive and understand that I am not doing this to be fake or annoying and I am not obsessed with myself. But this little corner of the internet is now mine and I am ready to share the things that I love with people who are interested!

Thank you for your support and I can’t wait to share more with you guys as this grows 🙂


10 Questions and Answers about Me

  1. Where did you grow up? I grew up in a small town in South Arkansas called Stuttgart. It had less than 10,000 people and I really wouldn’t change my raising for anything. I made some amazing friends and growing up in a small town really is great. My family still lives there as well as a few of a my best friends so I still visit.
  2. Where do you work? I work at a company called Acorn Influence. We work with bloggers and hire them to participate in campaigns for our clients. I really have always wanted to do a fashion blog because I love shopping, but having the knowledge and the contacts from this job has definitely helped!
  3. What is your personality? Oddly enough, I just took this quiz that my coworker shared with us and it told me I was laid back, cooperative and kind of go with the flow and I agree with it. Also, it says I appreciate order and organization and respond well to rules. I don’t think this has always defined me, but it makes sense now! My friends and family may say something completely different from this ha. But if you take this quiz, tell me what you get!
  4. Who are your favorite people? Junie (yes, my dog), my family and my best friends. I have had a few of my best friends for as long as I can remember. Although we don’t live in the same place anymore, they are still and will always be my people. Overall though, I am a Daddy’s girl through and through.
  5. Favorite movie of all time? Do people really know the answer to this question? Mine changes every time I see a new movie so I can’t commit to one! I like TV shows more anyway. Fave TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. Oh and I really like New Girl!
  6.  Are you a morning person or a night person? If I had to choose I would for SURE say night person. I am seriously a zombie and the biggest grump in the morning. But also I go to sleep at 10pm so not much of a night owl either!
  7. What kind of books do you like? I love a good YA book. No shame. And I typically stick to romance or murder, crime or mystery novels. However, I recently got Audible and I am forcing myself to listen to one nonfiction for every fiction. I am not super enthused about this, but I figure I am not learning much from all of these epic love stories and exotic murder mysteries!
  8. What do you like to do when you aren’t working? Now, I like to work on my blog! I like to research and see what I want to write about, get some post ideas together, meet with my photographer or talk to him about what we should shoot, etc. Also I am learning calligraphy. It is insanely calming and I love it so so so much! If you want some mediocre envelopes done, let me know! Besides this, I like to travel, hang out with Junie, shop, and have fun with my friends.
  9. What kind of music do you listen to? Annoyingly enough, I am super basic. Think Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kings of Leon, Drake etc. I try to branch out, I really do, but then I come running right back to my faves.
  10. What is on your bucket list right now? Italy. Harry Potter World. Skydiving. Chicago (never been). 

Thanks to Delyn Stirewalt for the pictures above. He’s been able to make my incredible awkwardness look almost cool!