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Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’m back! I have been working on this for a while and have gotten ideas from a ton of different people! Most of these are affiliate links, meaning I’ll get a tiny commission if you purchase from my link, but not all of them because I truly wanted to bring you ALL the ideas! I have broken it up into different categories and you can shop by photos at the bottom of this post. Hope you like it!

Brought to you by Bill

These are the specific items that Bill Free (my dad) wanted to be included on this list. Thanks for the help, pops!

  1. Hari Mari flip flops 
  2. Allbirds – the most comfortable sneakers ever! I have two pairs and wear them all the time!
  3. Froggy motor tours in Eureka Springs – Dad has been eyeing this since winter and I am hoping we get to go do it when they are up here in a few weeks!
  4. Golf locker
  5. Keen footwear
  6. Bald head blues clothing  – it appears they have a little bit of everything including polos, t shirts, swimsuits, etc. I like this polo, this swimsuit and this super lightweight long sleeve tee.
  7. Fish Hippie clothing – This seems like a cool brand! Here are a few of my faves >> trucker hat, pocket crew neck tee, stripe golf shirt.
  8. Olukai sneakers and flip flops
  9. Walker Brothers gift card – this is for all of you NWA familiar people. Walker Brothers has everything you could want for any man in your life.
  10. Wright’s BBQ gift card – Bill is legit Wright’s #1 fan
  11. Leatherman tools – this is the highest rated item on Amazon and it seems pretty cool. But I’m sure there are other tools from this brand that are great!
  12.  Clothing brand with cool swim trunks and bright colored shirts. Looks like a good brand if you are taking a beach vacay!
  13. Brumate Insulated Slim Can Holder – for all you slim can drinkers of Michelob and Truly’s or White Claw, you NEED this!!! I used Dad’s one time I was home and instantly bought myself one.
  14. Bertucci Field Watch

The Handy Man

I know (basically) nothing about all things tools and stuff but I had some awesome guy friends send me things they like and they are all linked here!

Big Sports Guy

  1. ProV1 Golf Balls
  2. Golf lessons – I would call up the pro shop where he plays golf most often and see if they offer them and go from there!
  3. New golf bag
  4. Golf Towel – I don’t know the importance of these but apparently, this one is the
  5. Golf Range Finder
  6. Soft-sided portable cooler for golf, pool, cookouts, etc.
  7. Dart Board

Shoe Game Strong

  1. Keens
  2. Teva
  3. Allbirds
  4. Birkenstocks
  5. Old Skool Vans
  6. White Leather Sneakers – a must!

Closet Update

  1. New swimsuit(s)
  2. New underwear – I’m not men’s undies expert so you should just use your best judgment here.
  3. Dad to the Bone hat
  4. Best everyday shorts
  5. Money clip
  6. New wallet
  7. Tommy John Undershirt – I just saw where one of my fave insta accounts husband really likes this and it has good reviews.

Experiences & Long Term Value

  1. Tickets to an event (concert, baseball/basketball/football/sports event)
  2. Unlimited car washes – Zipps car wash has this for $15/mo
  3. Quarterly car detailing – If you’re in NWA, checkout Splash!
  4. Go hiking or camping together. Tell him you want to spend quality time with him doing whatever it is he loves!
  5. A trip somewhere he has always wanted to go.

Thoughtful Gestures

  1. A handwritten note telling him thank you and all the reasons he is the best dad
  2. Photos of you and your siblings/kids
  3. Painting of his favorite dog/animal


  1. Apple watch
  2. Garmin watch
  3. Fitbit
  4. Portable charger
  5. New TV
  6. Apple TV
  7. Roku Stick
  8. iPad
  9. Bluetooth Speaker – this portable bluetooth speaker is awesome! It’s my favorite and it holds up so well.
  10. Airpods
  11. Bose Headphones
  12. Amazon Echo, Show, Dot or any Alexa speaker!
  13. Roomba vacuum
  14. Reusable Notebook that also converts your notes into PDFs

Master Chef in the Making

  1. Bluetooth meat thermometer
  2. New Grill
  3. Airfryer
  4. Instant Pot
  5. Vitamix Blender

The Busy Dad

  1. Airpods
  2. Bose Headphones
  3. New work bag
  4. New luggage
  5. Good Toiletry Bag

Everything Else

  1. A fancy bottle of their favorite liquor
    • You can order custom Crown Royal labels on their website for free then stick it to the bottle!
  2. Small blood pressure reader
  3. Two Doves Bird belt
  4. Craft beer and a cool bottle opener
  5. All the Razorback and NWA gear from B-Unlimited
  6. Steamer! A steamer really changes the game and these small ones are the perfect gift for literally anyone that doesn’t want wrinkles. And it’s small enough so he can travel with it.
  7. Electric Razor – such a good price and great reviews!

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Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

I have gotten a lot of requests for stocking stuffers and cheaper gifts so here you go! This post honestly took HOURS so I hope you like. Click on the photos in the image below or there are carousels at the bottom of this post with more ideas!

To shop all of the items on one page, go here! Let me know if you like it and hope this helps you out. That is, if you’re like me and still not done Christmas shopping. Whoops.  

Quick note that was brought to my attention as well…be careful saying “stocking stuffers” around little ears because they still believe that Santa is stuffing those stockings and we don’t want to kill the magic any earlier than we may have to! 🙂 Okay, back to shopping!

Shop All Stocking Stuffers!

For Moms

For Dad

For Kids

For College Kids

For all the parents of college kids who have no idea what to get them, especially in their stockings, I suggest gift cards, phone chargers of all kinds, coffee/caffeine and other little necessities. Also, if you can get your hands on the All Birds Wool Runners, any kid (boy or girl, I have two pairs) will be obsessed!

For the Young Adult

For the High School Kids

Maybe your son or daughter is in a serious relationship and you need help finding their boy/girlfriend a gift? I love the mini mirror they can put in their purse and the makeup brush cleaner! I’m a huge fan of the hair towel as well as the face mask options. A good night of pampering is good for anyone. A soft blanket or new earrings are always an easy win as well. For the boys? I would go for the speakers, cool socks, gift cards, dart board or a cool jersey/shirt from a favorite team.

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Gift Guide for Every Guy!

It’s pretty obvious that guys are crazy hard to shop for and they are all different. Either they want nothing, or they buy everything for themselves before giving you gift ideas. I tried to add a lot of non clothes items here and most are under $100! I think the kitchen tools, the grooming kit and the duffel bag are all great options for any guy you have to shop for this season!

Hope this helps and there are a ton more gift ideas over on this page! I’ll also be adding more over the next few weeks to help you out!

A few notes on some of these items

$100 Cashmere Crewneck – I love everything from Everlane. It is super high quality items for a fraction of the price. Getting a cashmere sweater for $100 is unheard of. This is also a great staple item in any guys closet. Just make sure they don’t dry it haha.

$15 Whiskey Glasses – I don’t know anything about whiskey, scotch, bourbon, etc. But I know the guys at work drink out of these and they act like it’s such a better experience. Pair this with a bottle of whiskey and you’re good to go.

$10 Magnet Car Mount – These are pretty cool! You put a super slim magnet inside your phone case then you attach this to your air vent in your car and your phone easily chills there so you can see navigation or whatever else!

$15 Travel Grooming Kit – This is legit. Every guy needs nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, etc. but they won’t buy it themselves for whatever reason. Maybe this will stop them from stealing yours.

$35 Skin Savior Kit – Guys need to take care of their skin, too. This is a great brand and price. This brand also has great shampoo, conditioner and body wash!

Let me know what some of the guys in your life are asking for and I’ll find some good deals and add it to the shop page!

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Last Minute Gift Guide – His & Hers

Gifts for the Girls!

  1. Manicure or Pedicure – almost any girl would love this gift. I personally get my nails done every two weeks so this would not last very long, but a pedicure would be heavenly! And for the ladies who don’t ever treat themselves, they deserve this!
  2. Massage – read above. Massage Envy always has good deals and they have these everywhere! Get yo woman, daughter, friend, mom, sister and boss a message! Can’t go wrong here.
  3. Gift cards – I feel like a lot of people don’t get gift cards because they think it is not personal enough. But I can get behind a good gift card because it is the gift that keeps on giving! My personal faves: Nordstrom, Sephora, Forever 21, Dillard’s, Victoria’s Secret & Target. Also, Starbucks, iTunes, Chipotle, Slim’s, Newk’s and Chick Fil A (a girl gotta eat).
  4. Basic Jewelry – Forever 21, Walmart, Target and stores like Charming Charlie has great basic jewelry. Think long gold necklaces, simple chokers, stud earrings, etc.
  5. Subscription Box – I love love PopSugar subscription boxes and you could buy a month of these for someone in your life!
  6. Makeup Brushes – you can actually get some pretty good brushes from Target, Walmart or Ulta that are amazing. The real techniques brushes are fantastic, as well as the Sonia Kashuk ones at Target and the It Cosmetics brand ones from Ulta!
  7. Or use my technique and order them something and just let said person know it will be just a smidge bit late on the arrival. 😂

Gifts for the Guys!

  1. Underwear – I feel like this is a solid go to for all guys. I mean you can’t really go wrong with underwear and you can get the kind they like basically anywhere! Saxx, Free Fly (I think these are sold at GearHead too), Target Pair of Thieves (doesn’t look like these are online, but they are good!)
  2. Socks – same as above. All boys need socks. Whether that be fun socks, socks for the gym or warm socks. They need them all. And probably haven’t bought a new pair for themselves in a year by now. Amiright?! Target has cute ones all the time and so does Dillard’s and places like that!
  3. Stuff for hunting – if you are one of those girls that has a boyfriend, husband or brother that just hunts every day and you don’t see them until February, you probably cannot go wrong on buying him things for hunting. Whether that be new clothes, a gift card to their favorite store, shotgun shells or whatever else! Get something from Mack’s or a gift card!
  4. Shoes – boys seriously don’t buy shoes for themselves hardly ever. They are missing out too, because it is a hobby that I personally love. So get the guys in your life some shoes. New sneakers, nice boots, house shoes, whatever floats your boat! You can guarantee they will be happy to wear really anything!
  5. Gift cards – this is a big one for guys too. Boys are often hard to shop for, but one thing we know they love is FOOD. So grab a few gift cards (you can even buy some online and sent to their phone or printed off) from the restaurants or fast food chains they love!

Good luck to all my fellow procrastinators. I am still trying to finish up some shopping and I know I just won’t finish and there will be a few “yeahhhh that is going to come in after Christmas moments”! Stay tuned this week for more outfit posts because I have some fun ones lined out! As well as some that are more posts about my life. Also let me know what yall want to see more of soon! I hope to FINALLY do a video of me fixing my hair soon, btw!