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Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

I have gotten a lot of requests for stocking stuffers and cheaper gifts so here you go! This post honestly took HOURS so I hope you like. Click on the photos in the image below or there are carousels at the bottom of this post with more ideas!

To shop all of the items on one page, go here! Let me know if you like it and hope this helps you out. That is, if you’re like me and still not done Christmas shopping. Whoops.  

Quick note that was brought to my attention as well…be careful saying “stocking stuffers” around little ears because they still believe that Santa is stuffing those stockings and we don’t want to kill the magic any earlier than we may have to! 🙂 Okay, back to shopping!

Shop All Stocking Stuffers!

For Moms

For Dad

For Kids

For College Kids

For all the parents of college kids who have no idea what to get them, especially in their stockings, I suggest gift cards, phone chargers of all kinds, coffee/caffeine and other little necessities. Also, if you can get your hands on the All Birds Wool Runners, any kid (boy or girl, I have two pairs) will be obsessed!

For the Young Adult

For the High School Kids

Maybe your son or daughter is in a serious relationship and you need help finding their boy/girlfriend a gift? I love the mini mirror they can put in their purse and the makeup brush cleaner! I’m a huge fan of the hair towel as well as the face mask options. A good night of pampering is good for anyone. A soft blanket or new earrings are always an easy win as well. For the boys? I would go for the speakers, cool socks, gift cards, dart board or a cool jersey/shirt from a favorite team.

Gift Guide Gifts Under $50 Holiday Shop Shop

Holiday Gifts Under $25

It’s December!! Gift giving season is literally upon us. I was asked to put a post of gifts under $25 together last week and I worked hard to find a ton of options for those of you looking for cute, easy and affordable gifts for everyone in your life. Hope this helps you out! Honestly, I think I rounded up all the options on the internet. Good luck.

The graphic above is all clickable! I focused on home and beauty gifts for this one. And everything is under $25! I would personally love getting any of this stuff from a friend, colleague or in my stocking.
Below, I have broken down the gift ideas into categories. Everything is still under $25, though! Lots of fun Amazon and Etsy finds!

Office Supplies/Co-Workers

  • Stabilo Pens – I use these for journaling and highlighting in all my books.  I am seriously obsessed with them and whoever you buy them for will love them, promise!
  • Felt tip pens – Seriously, who doesn’t love these pens? We fight over them when we get a new pack at the office haha
  • Funny coffee mugs for work – option 1 (LOL), option 2, option 3, option 4
  • Wall calendar – This is the cutest wall calendar ever! Talk about brightening up your workspace.
  • Mini Office heater – We all have that one coworker who is constantly freezing cold. Go ahead and give them this tiny heater and make their hearts nice and warm haha.
  • Shoeshine sponge – For that guy (or girl) who rocks those shiny shoes at the office every day and doesn’t want a smudge
  • Jeopardy Calendar – A guy at work asked for this from his secret Santa and I thought it was a good reco!
  • Water bottle – Most offices have Culligan water machines so people just refill bottles all day. Better to have a fun one to do that with! Option 2, option 3

Small Gifts for Guys

More options for anyone on your holiday list (under $25)

Hope this helps and I’m sorry it was so long! If you like these type of posts to help you shop for gifts for others, please let me know in a comment! Thanks and Happy December!

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Last Minute Gift Guide – His & Hers

Gifts for the Girls!

  1. Manicure or Pedicure – almost any girl would love this gift. I personally get my nails done every two weeks so this would not last very long, but a pedicure would be heavenly! And for the ladies who don’t ever treat themselves, they deserve this!
  2. Massage – read above. Massage Envy always has good deals and they have these everywhere! Get yo woman, daughter, friend, mom, sister and boss a message! Can’t go wrong here.
  3. Gift cards – I feel like a lot of people don’t get gift cards because they think it is not personal enough. But I can get behind a good gift card because it is the gift that keeps on giving! My personal faves: Nordstrom, Sephora, Forever 21, Dillard’s, Victoria’s Secret & Target. Also, Starbucks, iTunes, Chipotle, Slim’s, Newk’s and Chick Fil A (a girl gotta eat).
  4. Basic Jewelry – Forever 21, Walmart, Target and stores like Charming Charlie has great basic jewelry. Think long gold necklaces, simple chokers, stud earrings, etc.
  5. Subscription Box – I love love PopSugar subscription boxes and you could buy a month of these for someone in your life!
  6. Makeup Brushes – you can actually get some pretty good brushes from Target, Walmart or Ulta that are amazing. The real techniques brushes are fantastic, as well as the Sonia Kashuk ones at Target and the It Cosmetics brand ones from Ulta!
  7. Or use my technique and order them something and just let said person know it will be just a smidge bit late on the arrival. 😂

Gifts for the Guys!

  1. Underwear – I feel like this is a solid go to for all guys. I mean you can’t really go wrong with underwear and you can get the kind they like basically anywhere! Saxx, Free Fly (I think these are sold at GearHead too), Target Pair of Thieves (doesn’t look like these are online, but they are good!)
  2. Socks – same as above. All boys need socks. Whether that be fun socks, socks for the gym or warm socks. They need them all. And probably haven’t bought a new pair for themselves in a year by now. Amiright?! Target has cute ones all the time and so does Dillard’s and places like that!
  3. Stuff for hunting – if you are one of those girls that has a boyfriend, husband or brother that just hunts every day and you don’t see them until February, you probably cannot go wrong on buying him things for hunting. Whether that be new clothes, a gift card to their favorite store, shotgun shells or whatever else! Get something from Mack’s or a gift card!
  4. Shoes – boys seriously don’t buy shoes for themselves hardly ever. They are missing out too, because it is a hobby that I personally love. So get the guys in your life some shoes. New sneakers, nice boots, house shoes, whatever floats your boat! You can guarantee they will be happy to wear really anything!
  5. Gift cards – this is a big one for guys too. Boys are often hard to shop for, but one thing we know they love is FOOD. So grab a few gift cards (you can even buy some online and sent to their phone or printed off) from the restaurants or fast food chains they love!

Good luck to all my fellow procrastinators. I am still trying to finish up some shopping and I know I just won’t finish and there will be a few “yeahhhh that is going to come in after Christmas moments”! Stay tuned this week for more outfit posts because I have some fun ones lined out! As well as some that are more posts about my life. Also let me know what yall want to see more of soon! I hope to FINALLY do a video of me fixing my hair soon, btw!

Gifts Under $50 Holiday Shop

Gifts for Under $50

  1. Heated Blanket – I have this one in leopard and tan (one for the house and one for the office obviously) and I am obsessed with them!
  2. Metallic Zebra Jewelry Dish
  3. Minnetonka Slippers – I have these and absolutely love them. I didn’t know how much I would actually wear slippers so I didn’t want to invest too much before I knew, so these were perfect!
  4. Monogram Coffee Cup – Who doesn’t need a few of these? Also what a cute gift for someone in the family or a friend!
  5. My Kids Have Paws Tee – If you know me, you know I love this! Also, thought of Brooke Warner when I saw this bad boy! Everything from ilyCouture is super cute and soft, definitely go check it out.
  6. Khiel’s Mini Mask Set
  7. Triple Sec Dry Bar Spray – The best of the best!
  8. Dreamers by Debut Cardigan – This brand just has the softest and cutest stuff! Who doesn’t need a few easy cardigans for layering? And this one comes in 4 colors!
  9. Echo Touch Tech Gloves – I am wanting some cute and durable gloves before we go to Europe in February and I think these would be the perfect ones
  10. Hot Tools Curling Iron – I don’t have this particular curling iron, but I know a lot of people that do and they love it! If you are wanting to get a curling iron but not spend a fortune yet, these really are the best ones.
  11. Slip Eye mask – Does it seem unnecessary to get a $45 sleeping mask? Possibly. But think how soft it is!!!! I really want their $80 silk pillow cases too, but that will have to wait a little bit first. Do any of you have this sleep mask?
  12. Tech Accessories and Cable Case – If you are the person that has a charger for everything, every single device possible and you are constantly toting them all around, this is for you. I basically just described myself, so yeah, I want this for sure!
  13. Sigma Power Pair Duo – If you don’t clean your makeup brushes enough but want to, this is exactly what you need! Plus this foundation brush is amazing.

Hope you like all those gift ideas under $50! Perfect for really anyone in your life…mainly women, but some of these things could interest men! Okay, yeah probably not, but there are tons of things here that will interest them if you need help with ideas!