Swimsuit Season!

It’s that time to start shopping for swimsuits and I have rounded up a ton of great finds for you! These are all swimsuits that I would buy at a great price point. Hope this helps 🙂

Tell me what your favorite swimsuit styles are and what you are on the hunt for this year. I will say that shopping early pays off big time. Be sure to snag a few in these early months so you won’t regret it later!

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Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

I have gotten a lot of requests for stocking stuffers and cheaper gifts so here you go! This post honestly took HOURS so I hope you like. Click on the photos in the image below or there are carousels at the bottom of this post with more ideas!

To shop all of the items on one page, go here! Let me know if you like it and hope this helps you out. That is, if you’re like me and still not done Christmas shopping. Whoops.  

Quick note that was brought to my attention as well…be careful saying “stocking stuffers” around little ears because they still believe that Santa is stuffing those stockings and we don’t want to kill the magic any earlier than we may have to! 🙂 Okay, back to shopping!

Shop All Stocking Stuffers!

For Moms

For Dad

For Kids

For College Kids

For all the parents of college kids who have no idea what to get them, especially in their stockings, I suggest gift cards, phone chargers of all kinds, coffee/caffeine and other little necessities. Also, if you can get your hands on the All Birds Wool Runners, any kid (boy or girl, I have two pairs) will be obsessed!

For the Young Adult

For the High School Kids

Maybe your son or daughter is in a serious relationship and you need help finding their boy/girlfriend a gift? I love the mini mirror they can put in their purse and the makeup brush cleaner! I’m a huge fan of the hair towel as well as the face mask options. A good night of pampering is good for anyone. A soft blanket or new earrings are always an easy win as well. For the boys? I would go for the speakers, cool socks, gift cards, dart board or a cool jersey/shirt from a favorite team.

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Gift Guide for Every Guy!

It’s pretty obvious that guys are crazy hard to shop for and they are all different. Either they want nothing, or they buy everything for themselves before giving you gift ideas. I tried to add a lot of non clothes items here and most are under $100! I think the kitchen tools, the grooming kit and the duffel bag are all great options for any guy you have to shop for this season!

Hope this helps and there are a ton more gift ideas over on this page! I’ll also be adding more over the next few weeks to help you out!

A few notes on some of these items

$100 Cashmere Crewneck – I love everything from Everlane. It is super high quality items for a fraction of the price. Getting a cashmere sweater for $100 is unheard of. This is also a great staple item in any guys closet. Just make sure they don’t dry it haha.

$15 Whiskey Glasses – I don’t know anything about whiskey, scotch, bourbon, etc. But I know the guys at work drink out of these and they act like it’s such a better experience. Pair this with a bottle of whiskey and you’re good to go.

$10 Magnet Car Mount – These are pretty cool! You put a super slim magnet inside your phone case then you attach this to your air vent in your car and your phone easily chills there so you can see navigation or whatever else!

$15 Travel Grooming Kit – This is legit. Every guy needs nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, etc. but they won’t buy it themselves for whatever reason. Maybe this will stop them from stealing yours.

$35 Skin Savior Kit – Guys need to take care of their skin, too. This is a great brand and price. This brand also has great shampoo, conditioner and body wash!

Let me know what some of the guys in your life are asking for and I’ll find some good deals and add it to the shop page!


Best Amazon Finds

Seriously, who doesn’t love Amazon? I’m a huge fan and order random stuff all the time. I have rounded up a few of my favorite purchases below that I think you guys will like. In addition, there is a page with a TON of items on it linked HERE! You can also find it under the SHOP tab above. Let me know what you think! Click on the images below to open the link in a new tab!

What I Love Most About These Items

Smart Home – I really do get asked a lot about my smart home devices and these are some of my faves. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without them at this point. I have smart plugs for my lamps and Christmas tree, smart switches for my fan and bedroom light, smart thermostat, smart lock and I have these smart light bulbs on the way that I’m pumped about. I can def say that the fan thing is a game changer. You know when you’re in bed so cozy and you think “I would get up if it wasn’t so cold outside the covers”? Well, I have mine set on a timer where it turns off before I wake up! Also, the thermostat is great. You know how you go back and forth whether to turn your heat/air on at certain times of the year? Well, this one you can set to not get colder than 67 degrees and not warmer than 75 so they are both “on”. It’s amazing.
Everything else – Regarding the beauty items. The Neutrogena pads are so hard to find in-store and I freaking love them for removing my eye makeup. They work so well and they are truly gentle. The tiny portable lint roller is the best. The white wipes are great for a quick touch up on the go, and the jade roller feels amazing when you keep it in the freezer! Finally, I just started using hyaluronic acid and I can already tell a difference. If you don’t use this yet, definitely start now.
Everything on here are things that I actually own, so feel free to ask me any questions! Also, if you do buy anything based on my reco, please consider buying from my links so I can make a few dollars. There actually is a lot of work that goes into this and I appreciate your support :)!

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The Softest Clothes Ever!

If you have seen or talked to me at all lately, you know that I am currently LIVING in all my cozy finds from American Eagle. Yes, I said American Eagle. No shame in my game. They are soft, affordable and freaking cute. You can click on the images in the photo below to shop the products and read a bit more about some of the things I already own below the photo. Beware, you are going to fall in love.

For starters, everything that has a heart on it is something I already own (yes, I know, it’s a lot of stuff haha). So I can definitely speak to these items. But I’ll just mention a few of my faves.
2. AE IMPOSSIBLY SOFT CABLE KNIT SWEATER – this is super soft, kind of open knit (doesn’t require a shirt underneath it but I’ll probably wear one when it’s cold outside) also it is short and perfect for a good front tuck. Tbh I want it in every color. I love the yellow and burgundy colors, too! I got a small in this so I would say it’s true to size.
3. AERIE COZY CITY SWEATSHIRT – Run and get you every color. It is beyond soft on the inside, it has pockets and it’s perfect with leggings. I got a small and I think it fits well. I could have sized down but didn’t want the band at the bottom to be too tight!
6, 7, 9 and 10 – all of these shirts are so incredibly soft. Like I’m amazed that anything at this price point can be this soft. Get them all. I have a small in each.
11 and 16 are Christmas pajamas for Syd and I this year! Basically, anything that has ‘plush’ in the name, you need it.

13. AE NE(X)T LEVEL HIGH-WAISTED JEGGING – I am ordering these now and I’d say they run about true to size! They also have different lengths!!! All the praise hands for us short girls. I wear a 26 regularly in jeans and I’m ordering a 2 in these.
These are just a few callouts but I’m not exaggerating when I say that everything from AE and Aerie is so soft, good quality and they have great sales. Oh, and their undies are all that I wear so check those out, too!
Check out the full page of products from AE under the shop tab above or just click here. 🙂


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Clothes, Shoes and Decor from Walmart!

walmart finds low cost clothes shoes and home decor

Don’t knock it ’til you try it! Check out some of these fab finds from Walmart. Also, under the shop tab, I have created a link to Walmart where I will keep adding things as I find them. It’ll be under the SHOP tab above. Let me know if you get any of these items and what you think! Click the image on the photo below to shop, or all of the links are below.

Yes, I know this blog is basically ancient history but I got a wild hair this weekend and wanted to share lots of stuff with you guys this week! Get ready! 🙂